Version 2019.10.0 published

New version 2019.10.0 has been published.

Download here

  • New features and changes:
    • TheocBase Help is available in Nepali and also Romanian (Romanian since 2019.09 but wasn't mentioned in the Release notes)
    • Design changes to MW templates regarding AM/PM time
    • ?Mobile:  Updated version of OpenSSL on Android
    • ?Mobile: Improved support for iPhone/iPad with nothced display
    Bug fixes:
    • ?Mobile: Resolves an issue where long text in assignment notes was not wrapped
    • ?Mobile: Resolves an issue where texts with Chinese font were unreadable on iOS 13
    • ?Mobile: Resolved an issue where the current weekend meeting was not updated after sync

    This will be the last version to support iOS 10

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