Version 2019.04.0 published

New version 2019.04.0 has been published.

Note! Windows version is 64-bit version only.

Download here

  • New features and changes:
    • Mobile: edit weekend meeting schedule
    • Mobile: show outgoing speakers (not yet editable)
    • Mobile: import midweek meeting workbook and Watchtower epub -files
    • Access control introduced (desktop)
    Bug fixes:
    • Second bible study was not printed week starting 29 July
    • The name was not always saved correctly in creating a new speaker
    • Todo list items were not shown or saved correctly if computer's timezone was negative
    • Main page layout broke when page resized in some languages 
    • Volunteer for student assignment was not shown in the side panle
    • Mobile: publishers list was always scrolled to the top after edit

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