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Version 2018.01.0 published

New version 2018.01.0 has been published. Finally the duplicate problems that many users have been facing are now fixed. We have also made some new features to the software.

Please remember to always take a backup of your TheocBase database before running the update.

Download here

Here's what has been done since last version:

  • ​Settings:  Life and Ministry Meeting has a button to remove duplicate talks.  
    To use it: please make a backup of your database, push the  ​Remove dublicates​ -button, re-import your 2018 workbooks, then (optionally) sync.
  • Settings: Theocbase Cloud has a button to delete all cloud data. You can find instructions form this link: Instructions for using Delete Cloud Data.
  • Except in rare cases, there will be no more need to map talk names to talk types.
  •  Print Territory Map Card (S-12)
  • Markers on territory map are rendered faster and are scalable. Selected address is highlighted.
  • Other bug fixes

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