Access Control

In version 2019.04.0 we introduced new feature - Access Control. This is for distributing different user rights based on the role of the user. For now it works only in the desktop version, but is also to come in mobile version soon. We are also planning to have a 'Read Only' role so mobile app could be used also for viewing only. This would be benefical to all publishers in the congregation who uses smartphones or/and tablets.

Getting Started

TheocBase uses a role based access control for users that have access to the shared data in the cloud. Each user is assigned to the elder role by default with the exception of the one, who shares the data, who is also administrator.

The administrator can assign further roles to users and himself. Roles provide a set of permissions, so a person that is assigned to a certain role, is granted the permissions provided by the role.

The following list provides the available roles with their respective permissions:

  • Elder: View and print midweek and weekend meeting schedule; edit midweek meeting schedule; send reminders; view the congregation's territory; view congregation settings, list of public talks, songs and publishers
  • Life and Ministry Meeting Overseer: Edit students, special events, midweek meeting schedule and settings; print assignment slips
  • Public Talk Coordinator: Edit weekend meeting schedule and settings, special events; manage list of public speakers; print all weekend meeting related sheets
  • Territory Servant: Edit publishers, territories and corresponding settings; print all territory related sheets
  • Coordinator of the Body of Elders: Edit publishers, special events, midweek meeting schedule and settings; view weekend meeting settings, permissions and list of public speakers; print all weekend meeting related sheets
  • Administrator: Edit congregation settings and user permissions

Assign a Role to a User
  1. In the Settings select the Access Control page.
  2. After the list of users is loaded, select in the user's row the check box of the role that should be assigned.Note:Only those users appear in the list, that have already access to the shared TheocBase folder in your DropBox account. It is possible to assign multiple roles.
  3. Restart TheocBase to apply the changes.

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