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How can I share the data I enter into theocbase with my Coordinator elder, without using cloud?

I only manage the assignments of the week, for the Responsable VCM elder. When I'm done, I have to send the Coordinator the data. He takes care of the assignments for the others elders, and all other aspects. Each on his own computer. He is the one who prints for posting on the boards in the Kingdom Hall.

Thanks by advance. :D



1 month ago

TB is not designed for this, so it can be made to work with a little extra effort and with a strict protocol. I imagine this can work, if it is just the pair of you. If you get more users, it is going to be a real challenge.

When you are done making you assignments, in Settings, click 'make backup'. Mail the backup file (theocbase_backup.sqlite) to the other brother via secure mail. Then he goes to settings, chooses 'restore backup'. When he is done, he does the same for you.

You have to realise, that any modifications you make between you sending the file over and receiving the next one, will get lost. If it is a minor thing you can of course just ask the other user to make the modification so it will be incorporated into the database.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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