Saturday, 30 April 2022
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O acesso para o irmão da VMC nao está funcionando, já testeu de tudo e da o seguinte erro: Dropbox API Error: 'path/no_write_permission/...(409), Network error: 206 Error transfering replied: Conflit' Alguém saberia o que pode ser? Os demais logins entram normalmente. Já defiz e refiz o compartilhamento, mais somente esse acesso com e-mail aliás que não vai.

Seria alguma situação com a versão? 

Desde já agradeço se alguém puder me ajudar.


Cleyton Candido

7 months ago

I don't 'know' the answer, but to me the first clue is 'no write permission'...

Within Dropbox, it is not sufficient for that email address to have view permissions, it needs full write (edit) permissions.  If you want to restrict what someone can edit in the Dropbox syncfile, that should be done within AccessControl of TheocBase. (A long time ago, it might just have worked with view permissions only, so it could be an old setting. There have been cases where brothers had to change this).

Other than that I don't know. There is some very technical info on 409 errors on the net. Otherwise, you may try and use another mail address for this user.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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